Keyboard Days Festival 2016

The project Quantum Music and the hybrid piano were presented to the audience for the first time during the Keybaord Days Festival in November


The third edition of the Keyboard Days festival was dedicated to presenting the Art & Science project Quantum Music and it was held from November 18 to 20 in Belgrade, in the facilities of Kolarac Foundation. The festival was organized by New Art Center in cooperation with Take Over Festival with support from the Center for the Promotion of Science, Institute of Musicology of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Kolarac Foundation, City of Belgrade and Erste Bank.


On November 18, LP Duo performed the concert playing music of contemporary composers as well as their own music piece. During the concert, Vlatko Vedral, quantum physics professor at the University of Oxford and one of the most prominent quantum physicists of today, explained the basics about the quantum physics and the Quantum Music project.


Before the concert, the audience was able to see and play the hybrid piano for the first time. In subsequent experiments, the hybrid piano will function by tracking the vibration of each string on the piano individually in real time and impressing this captured information into the laser which ‘stirs’ the Bose–Einstein condensate, the state in which atoms function as an exceptional phenomenon.