About the Project

Quantum Music is a project with the aim to explore the connection between music and quantum physics through the creation of a new art & science experiment resulting in live performance. The project presents quantum physics and the quantum world to a wider audience and contributes to the creation of a new musical/scientific ...

Innovative Concept

In short, the idea is to use an interface - two hybrid-piano instruments with both acoustic and electronic possibilities specially designed for this project, “playing to the atoms” via technology and study the quantum-acoustic response that atoms produce. This project has a multimedia character because the frequency bands of sound and light ...

How does it work?

Music, and sound in general, at a physical level can be viewed as waves of pressure, in which small packets of air compress and expand at a particular rate known as the frequency of the wave, that we perceive as a note. Waves appear in many contexts in physics. Mathematically, wherever there is something that regularly repeats in time, it can be expressed ...

The weird quantum nature of the atomic world challenges us to revise the way we view the world around us. We learn that our everyday world - built out of the myriad superposition of matter waves, has an unexpected capacity for new kinds of behavior and "self organization" that we are only just beginning to fathom.


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