About the Project

The original pilot project Quantum Music, co-funded by Creative Europe, began in August 2015; it was successfully completed in May 2018. This highly original and innovative project managed to push boundaries and bring together the distant worlds of music and quantum physics. The main outcome of the pilot project was an interactive multimedia show Quantum Music, featuring new, specially designed hybrid keyboard instruments, new library of quantum sounds developed from the experiments and formulas of quantum physics and new compositions written specially for this show.

Beyond QM

Beyond Quantum Music is a direct continuation and expansion of the original Quantum Music project. The project leader, Institute of Musicology SASA has formed a new consortium of partners and associate partners from Austria, The Netherlands, Serbia and Germany, in order to broaden and develop educational and artistic aspects of the pilot project (not only with respect to music, but also to visual and digital arts). The primary goal of the new consortium is audience development, predominantly in the four partner countries, but also in the broader European context.

Main Goals

The main goals of the project Beyond Quantum Music include a competition (Open Call) for artists from the domains of music, visual arts and digital interactive art, who will submit works inspired by the quantum world. The winners will receive financial prizes and their works will be performed or presented during the two days event Quantum Music 2.0 that will tour four European cities. The new quantum concert/multimedia show for two pianos and quantum systems will be the main musical event which will incorporate awarded works by composers, visual and digital artists..

The quantum world challenges us to modify the way we perceive the world around us. We learn that our everyday world has an unexpected capacity for new kinds of behavior and "self organization" that we are only just beginning to fathom.