Quantum Music and LP Duo on European Tour

Quantum Music and LP Duo Tour took off in September in The Hague, followed by Ljubljana, Aarhus, Copenhagen and Belgrade

LP Duo – Sonja Loncar and Andrija Pavlovic – started their Quantum Music tour in September. The first presentation of the compositions played on newly constructed hybrid pianos was held in The Hague, Netherlands, during TodaysArt Festival. This concert was followed by performances in Ljubljana (Kino Siska), Aarhus (Aarhus University) and Copenhagen (The Royal Danish Theatre). The final concert will be held in Belgrade, on October 21, at the Yugoslav Drama Theatre.
During these concerts, two pianos interact between themselves, with the audience and, finally, with quantum systems. To make something like this possible, it was necessary to construct original mechanisms to connect classical pianos with the worlds of computers, lasers and quantum particles. The pianos enhanced with custom-made hardware and software tools become entirely new instruments — hybrid pianos, capable of interacting with the quantum world.