First Step in Constructing the Quantum Music Instrument!

Belgrade, January 11-16


Partners of the Quantum Music project met in Belgrade from January 11 to 16. The participants at the meeting were Sonja Loncar, Andrija Pavlovic and Dragan Novkovic (New Art Center), Ivana Medic (Institute of Musicology SASA), Ljiljana Ilic (Center for the Promotion of Science), Vlatko Vedral (University of Oxford), Kim Helweg (The Danish National School of Performing Arts) and Beer Van Geer (Todays Art Festival).


This opportunity was used to make the first step in constructing the Quantum Music instrument. Dr Andrew Garner presented the first prototype of the Quantum Music instrument, specially designed for this project. The main subject during the meeting was the development of the project concept, as well as selection, development and implementation of software and hardware tools necessary for project realization.